“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” —Mahatma Gandhi



ECHOES OF HOPE strives to awaken the spirit of hope in the lives of children, youth, and young adults in need by alleviating barriers and helping them reach their full potential. 

Founded in 2007 by Stacia and Luc Robitaille, the nonprofit has helped thousands of at-risk and emancipated foster youth succeed by providing the resources, love, and support they so richly deserve.

Values Statement:

  • We proclaim a vision and message of hope.

  • We believe in the ultimate worth and dignity of each individual.

  • We share unconditional love and develop relationships that change lives.

  • We value presenting opportunities to those who would otherwise have none.

  • We pursue excellence in our leading and serving.

  • We are an organization of integrity.

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Our Impact

Less than 3% of youth aging out of the foster care system in California alone will graduate from college. We're dedicated to changing that statistic, one life at a time.


"Echoes of Hope is love, acceptance, and family! We’re all from different backgrounds, and have been through different hardships, but we strive to be a light of love to all lives that we cross paths with.”

— Caitlyn Reynolds

"Echoes of Hope has inspired and helped me transform my lifestyle by being more open, honest, and present. Echoes of Hope is my second family and taught me so many skills and lessons. I appreciate the brave space that was created for us to be ourselves."

— Paradyse Oakley

"Echoes of Hope is exceptional because it is driven by the principles that everyone deserves dignity, respect, and love.

— Jesse Aguilar




enrolled in college and/or pursuing their career.




with 100% of our EOH "Leaders of Tomorrow" youth graduating from college in the last three years.




have been helped through our programs throughout the US in 2018.


Our Staff


Thank you to our lifelong volunteers

Kelly Slattery
Stefanie Hirsch
Ray Reynaga
MacKenzie Arrocha Labrie
Gayle Crowder
Jenni Nitsch
Jenny Taketomo
Mele Ryant
Rhonda Redman
Michelle MacDonnell

Antonella Knosp
Jevon & Carlee Wilkes
Amy McKay
Victor Sepulveda
Patrick Perrett
Monique Venier
Cameron Treu
Rick Fox
Jen Turk
Hillary Weiss


Board of Directors

Stacia Rae Robitaille
Board Chair, Founder, Echoes of Hope
CEO, Echoes of Hope/Artist/Writer

Luc Robitaille
Co-Founder & CFO, Echoes of Hope
President, LA Kings

Jennifer Brown
Account Executive

Risa Shapiro
RMS Productions, Inc.

Stefanie Hirsch
Owner and President
E.I. Medical Inc.

Michael Rosenbaum

Brandon Thorson
Dietz, Gilmor & Chazen (Former EoH Youth)