Stacia Robitaille

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder


As a native of Southern California, Stacia Rae Robitaille (pronounced stay-she robe-a-tie) has spent her life pursuing four passions: making music, creating art, taking on the outdoors and helping those in need.

After leaving home at a young age, Stacia found small success in the entertainment industry, often spending her entire paycheck to help the homeless who lived on the streets nearby.

Throughout her first twenty-five years of life, Stacia gained great strength through difficult times. This sparked her deep passion to help and guide those who may find themselves in similar situations.

In 1990, Stacia fell in love with the man who graced the billboard that won her heart -- NHL hockey legend Luc Robitaille. Two years later, Stacia and Luc were married, beginning a life with Stacia's three-year-old son Steven. At that same time, she began a lifelong dream of working with foster youth through the LAPD's Jeopardy Program.

While Luc played for the New York Rangers from 1995-97, Stacia continued to fulfill her passion by flying in foster youth from Los Angeles, creating life-changing experiences. It was also in New York that Stacia once again pursued her passion for singing and songwriting by attending Juilliard, where she emerged with a certificate in vocal studies and musical theater.

In 1998, Stacia started her own record label, Raystone Records. Her debut album, Hush, was released in 2002. With chart-topping music, Stacia began touring and received consistent airplay on radio stations throughout the United States.

It was in 2005 that Stacia's deep hankering for helping others took over. After the devastation from Hurricane Katrina, she traveled to New Orleans in search of four families she could bring back to her summer home in Utah. It was there that Stacia and Luc created Shelter for Serenity, their first nonprofit. Living with the displaced families while Luc was busy playing hockey, Stacia cared for, cooked and cleaned after them. Shelter for Serenity not only helped dozens of families in devastated areas, but the four families who once lived in the Robitaille household were all thoughtfully relocated with clothing, supplies, furniture, and cars. Truly creating a new chance at life.

In 2007, Stacia made her passion for foster and at-risk youth official in her hometown of Los Angeles. It was there that she and Luc founded the non-profit Echoes of Hope, an organization that awakens the spirit of hope and alleviates barriers in the lives of children, youth, and young adults so that they may reach their full potential. Stacia and Luc have been the recipients of many prestigious awards in Los Angeles for their commitment to the community.

In April of 2013, after enduring repeated back surgeries due to a childhood abnormality, one surgery leaving her to learn how to walk again, Stacia traveled to Spain. It was there that she began her own spiritual journey, and with only a backpack, completed the Camino de Santiago. Stacia began in France, trekking 652 miles through snow, sleet, hail, rain and a little bit of sunshine across to the mountains and valleys of Northern Spain. It was there that Stacia found a new passion -- writing.

In 2014, Stacia underwent hip surgery and her last back surgery, only to get hit by a car crossing the street in Beverly Hills -- an unfortunate accident. However, three years of recovery only enriched her spirituality. In addition to attending a master’s program in spiritual psychology back in 2010-11, Stacia has continued her growth through several workshops and spiritual retreats, even with his holiness the Dali Lama and spiritual leader, Eckhart Tolle. As of late, through Echoes of Hope, Stacia has partnered with the Eckhart Tolle Foundation who provide book donations and event scholarships for their youth.

Today, while balancing her work with Echoes of Hope, designing her home, working on drawings/paintings, and writing her memoir, Stacia is preparing to start a two-year program through Sounds True to get her teacher's certificate in Mindfulness Meditation.

All in all, Stacia's proudest accomplishment has been raising two successful and loving sons -- actor Steven R. McQueen and recording artist, singer/songwriter Jessarae. She has also been a proud and loving mother to her taken in son Jevon, many other Echoes of Hope youth and, of course, her beloved dogs.