Music Is His Voice; Zarkhi

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"I came from a long line of creatives, but I didn't know about it until later. Music is my voice and my way of communicating my views that I wouldn't necessarily be able to tell in a conversation." - Zarkhi

In this story from The Storyboard Project, Zarkhi, a former foster youth, raps the lyrics of his foster care experience as a way to share his life story. Zarkhi first went into Florida’s foster care system at the age of four, but soon after moved to Los Angeles where he lived in a number of different kinship care, foster and group homes until his late teen years. When Zarkhi enrolled at the University of Southern California (USC), he joined the Trojan Guardian Scholars Program, committed to supporting and building a regional network for current and former foster youth, college-bound students who are exiting the foster care system. Zarkhi recently graduated from USC in 2016 with a degree from the Thorton School of Music.

Tracey Lincoln