Shannon Armstrong

Program Director


Shannon Armstrong has had a passion for children and their well being since she was a child herself. She was raised in Colorado and pursued her education in child psychology at the University of Northern Colorado and eventually acquired her degree from the University of Colorado at Denver. 

Shannon met her husband Derek Armstrong, former LA King and teammate of Luc Robitaille, while finishing her education. They soon married and began a life together, raising their amazing boys and following Derek’s lifelong dream of being a professional hockey player. Shannon’s primary focus was supporting her husband, his career and raising their children, which was a dream come true. While living in Canada, Switzerland, from east coast to west coast and a few spots in between, Shannon has been offering support to her communities through volunteering in classrooms, fundraising, organizing events, making public appearances, teaching at the pre-K level but all the while having children and their best interest at heart. Shannon is reliable, educated, energetic, creative, loving and patient. Although Shannon and her husband Derek have participated in numerous Echoes of Hope events in the past, she has always wanted to be more involved. Now that her boys are teenagers and she has more time, she is excited and eager to join the team. She is confident she will be able to apply her love of children, passion for helping those in need, and compassion for others alongside Echoes of Hope and its youth in their pursuit of making a difference in the lives of as many children and aspiring young adults as possible!